Kawasaki KLX 110 Full Review – What Kids Dirt Bike to Buy

If you’re wondering what dirt bike to get your kid our guides may just help. We have searched the internet many times looking for the best bikes for our kids and have created this blog to share all our experiences. In this article we will give our review for the Kawasaki KLX 110.

The KLX 110 from Kawasaki, is a great beginner bike for kids. A good age range is between about 7 or 8 years old, using the bike up until they’re about 10 years old. It’s a great bike for kids who are transitioning from smaller bikes like a PW80. The KLX 110 is also a very popular playing pit bike for older riders and the reason we say that is because the frame and chassis on these bikes are over built, so they can withstand a lot more of the manhandling that faster and older riders are going to put them through. 

We all know there’s a lot of great smaller bikes out there that are awesome for youth riders or a kid that’s just learning to ride. They’re also really good play bikes for adults. Today we’ve reviewed one that I’m personally very excited about.  

We will look at the background history of the bike and we’ll talk about engine specs. We’ll talk about sizing. It’s very important when choosing a bike to know what size rider it is going to be an ideal fit for. We’ll also give you some tips and tricks on what you can do to make these better as far as performance goes, as well as comfort for your rider. 

Also don’t forget that this is part of a series that we’re writing, looking at a smaller bikes for youth riders. We’re doing this series to help you know which bike might be the best for you to buy. You can view the posts here

Background History of the Kawasaki KLX 110
What is the difference between KLX 110 and KLX 110L?
How much does a Kawasaki 110 cost?
Does the KLX 110 have a Clutch?
Does KLX 110 have electric start? 
What Age and Size is the Kawasaki 110 good for?
Tips and Tricks for the Kawasaki 110
Cheap KLX 110 Performance Modifications
Frequently Asked Questions

Background History of the Kawasaki KLX 110 

Kawasaki started making the KLX 110 back in 2002 and they still make it today, so they’ve been around a very long time. The great part about this is that there’s a lot of them out there and it’s very easy to find parts but in 2010 they went through a big update that pretty much revamped the entire bike. 

They updated the plastic, so the shrouds, the front fender, the air box plastics, basically they just made a sportier looking and faster looking bike.

2010 was also the year that they went to an electric start. They went from a three to a four-speed transmission and another big update that we saw was they started making the KLX 110L 

What is the difference between KLX 110 and KLX 110L?  

The KLX 110L is the big wheel version but don’t confuse that with tyre and rim size. The 110L actually has the same size tires and rims, the difference is in the suspension. The 110L has about an inch more of travel and it’s got stiffer settings in the shock as well as the forks. That also makes the bike about two inches taller. 

If you are looking to be picking one up as a play bike or a pit bike and you’re an older rider, we definitely recommend trying to find a 110L because of the stiffer suspension as well as a taller seat height. These will make a really big difference. What’s great about these bikes, like I said earlier is they’re still making them today, so it makes it easy to find cheap parts and they’re very reliable. 

How much does a Kawasaki 110 cost? 

 If you’re looking for a brand new KLX 110 you’re looking at paying about $2,300 but what’s nice is that they’ve been around for so long that there’s a lot of these for sale online.  

If you look hard enough you can usually find a used one in really good condition for a very good price. We had a look ourselves and found three secondhand bikes very quickly starting at $1500

Model YearMileagePrice

Does the KLX 110 have a Clutch? 

The bike has a hundred and twelve CC air-cooled engine. It’s a four speed Auto clutch, that’s what makes it again a great transition back from a fully auto bike, so it teaches them to shift. One important thing to note is that the KLX 110L does come with a clutch lever, making the 110L a fully manual bike, something to consider if you’re going to be buying this for a younger rider. 

Does KLX 110 have electric start? 

The KLX 110 has an electric start with a backup kick starter. You don’t have a key to ignition but if you look over on the left side of the handlebars you will find an on/off switch. This does have a light indicating if it’s on or not and then your starter switch is just underneath that. 

The KLX 110 fuel tank has a one-gallon capacity so holds plenty of fuel. Lastly something we want to mention is with the brakes. On this bike you’ll have drum brakes front and rear, so for beginner riders they work great but if you have a rider that’s a little bit faster, more aggressive or even an older rider they’re going to be a little bit saw, something to consider. 

What Age and Size is the Kawasaki 110 good for? 

Size-wise who’s this bike going to be a good fit for? What size youth rider is going to be a good fit for this bike?  

HONDA CRF100F26.3″
HONDA CRF125F28.9″

On the KLX 110 the seat height is twenty-six point eight inches and as we said earlier the KLX 110L is two inches taller. If you compare this to some other bikes from other manufacturers it’s about a half inch taller than the CRF 110 from Honda and if you’re compared to the PW80 which is a bike that a lot of riders will transition from it’s almost two inches taller than that. 

To help with understanding the height and sizing for this bike we used one of my kids as a youth rider to see how the fit was. My Daughter is ten years old and she’s four feet seven inches tall. When she sat on the bike, she was pretty much flat footed, so I would consider her at this height to be at the larger end of the size range for this bike

This is a standard version that we’ve tested her on and we already know there is also the KLX 110L, which we mentioned is two inches taller would actually be a little bit better fit for her. My daughter is however currently transitioning from this bike to a KX 65 that she has which is a taller again. We now know through this test, 4 feet 7 inches is going to be at the larger end for the KLX 110 standard.  

If you’re wondering what’s a good starting age range for the KLX 110, we’d say about seven or eight years old up till about ten years old, which we have with my daughter. So, if you’re not quite sure just use her as a good size reference. 

Tips and Tricks for the Kawasaki 110 

Here’s some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of these bikes when it comes to comfort as well as performance. If you’ve bought the bike secondhand, these are a great way to improve it. 

Firstly the carburetor on the KLX 110 is just like with other smaller bikes, in that the jets are pretty small, so if you are going to let this bike sit for a long period of time, we recommend either using a fuel stabilizer or just completely draining the carburetor and getting that fuel out of there. That way it’s not going to gum up your jets. 

Sticking with that smaller carburetor, the KLX 110’s are pretty cold blood and their jetted quite lean. So, in colder temperatures it can be a little bit difficult to start or take a long time to warm up. What we always like to do with these smaller bikes is add a cold start jet gift set from tusk. These will make it easier to start in the cold weather and it’s just going to help it warm up and overall run better. They start from $4.99.

Another thing to keep in mind is that on the KLX 110 the stock shift lever doesn’t fold, if your kid has a tip over or crash, they bend pretty easily. To remedy this, we would add the Tusk folding shift lever. You can get these in a couple of different colors for this bike too.  

You can pick the Tusk folding shift lever we purchased from amazon here costing $25.00.

Whilst discussing the shift lever, something that my kids noticed is that on this bike it can be quite difficult to shift, they found it to be pretty stiff. For a younger rider that’s just starting out bare in mind they might have a little bit of difficulty shifting at first but it is something that they will get used to. 

Down by the shift lever another big upgrade that we’d recommend are the IMS Super Stock foot pegs. The stock foot pegs that come on the KLX 110 are small. If it’s to be used by a rider that’s just starting, they’ll be sitting a lot so it won’t be a big deal but as they start to stand up and get more aggressive on the bike it will definitely make a big difference and give them more comfort having these oversized foot pegs. 

We got our foot pegs from amazon costing $66. You can see these here.

Working our way up to the handlebars. The stock handlebars on the KLX 110 are made from steel. It’s nice because they’re inexpensive but steel handlebars do bend really easily. On our bike what we’ve done is replaced them for the tusk T10 aluminum handlebars. We got the same height as our stock handlebars, but you can also get these with more rise if needed for taller youth riders or anyone using as a play bike. 

  • Constructed from heat treated T6 Aluminum for durability and fatigue reduction.
  • Laser etched centering marks in clamping area for precise installation.
  • Knurling in grip area to prevent slipping.
  • Crossbar pad included.
  • $39.

You can pick these Tusk T10 aluminium handlebars up here on Amazon.

We also added some new grips on there, so if you do buy second hand and your grips are in pretty bad shape, we added the tusk MX grips. They’re nice and soft and they last a really long time, starting from $15 on amazon

We’ve also added some accessories on our bike just to give it a cool look for our younger riders. My kids absolutely love those little bling factors that you can put on the bikes. We added some cool accent pieces like air caps and a colored gas cap. You can find endless amounts of bling of for your bikes. 

The last couple things we did as far as looks and comfort go are we added a neutron seat cover to help get a lot more grip and it is better looking than the stock seat cover. Then to top it all off we’ve added a full custom graphics kit from attack graphics.  

That’s what we’ve done to our KLX 110 to make it better looking but we also added to the bike to help with performance. We added brand new Bridgestone tyres. For younger riders’ new tyres make a big difference. New tyres don’t just offer more grip, they will help your kids gain more confidence. You can find various tires for your dirt bikes on amazon. Check them out here.

Cheap KLX 110 Performance Modifications

When it comes to performance modifications we know there’s a lot of riders out there that want to get more performance out of there bikes. With this in mind we’ve done some research and there are a few inexpensive mods that you can do

The first one is with the exhaust. If you’re not going to get an aftermarket exhaust, we’ve seen that what a lot of riders have done is they take the exhaust pipe off and then they drill out the header. What we found is that a 9/16 or a 5/8 drill bit is best for doing this and once done they will get more airflow through the exhaust

Another popular modification that some riders do is removing the airbox and cutting off the snorkel that is inside. It’s pretty constricting in there and whilst removing the snorkel, many also cut out a section of the airbox to open up the air intake. They do this to get as much air flow as possible.  

Keep in mind if you’re going to be doing those types of mods you will need to pay attention to your jetting because the more airflow you get will affect your jetting.  

Above are a couple of mods that people do which are inexpensive. The great part about these bikes, both for the KLX 110 and the110L is that you can easily get aftermarket parts and accessories that will help get more performance. 

Aftermarket KLX 110 Performance Modifications 

For this bike you can get oversized piston kits, gasket kits, clutch kits and as I mentioned earlier you can also get aftermarket exhausts as well, so if you want to get more performance you’ve got a few options to go for. We’ve added a few amazon links below to the mods we think you should look at getting. 

Piston Kits

Gasket Kits

Clutch Kits



How fast does a Kawasaki 110 go? 

The top speed of a Kawasaki KLX 110 is 50 mph. The Kawasaki KLX 110 is a compact dirt bike designed for children and beginners. 

How many gears does a KLX 110 have? 

The KLX has 4 gears, the gear ratios are selected to enhance the engine’s acceleration capabilities. Low first gear enhances acceleration from a standing start. 

How many cc is a KLX 110? 

The Kawasaki KLX 110 is a 110 cc mini dirt bike which could be the stepping stone for young riders who are looking to pursue dirt biking seriously. 

How much horsepower does a KLX 110 have? 

The Kawasaki KLX110 is a single cylinder, four-stroke Enduro motorcycle produced by Kawasaki. Max torque is 5.9 ft/lbs (8.0 Nm) at 4000 RPM. Claimed horsepower is 7.11 HP (5.3 KW) at 7500 RPM. 

That’s it, that’s our bike overview for the KLX 110 from Kawasaki. Hopefully this is giving you a good idea of what you can expect from this bike and also what size rider it is going to be great for. If you do have any more questions about these bikes, please leave your comments below and we can get those answered. 

To pick up any of the parts that we talked about for KLX 110, click on the links above and don’t forget to check out our other kids’ dirt bike reviews here

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