Honda CRF50F Review – The Best Dirt Bike For Kids To Learn On

A lot of people who read my articles on these smaller bikes have kids just like I do and are looking for a good way for them to get started in the sport.

Your after something that’s not intimidating for them and you want something that’s not loud. Best bet is something that doesn’t have a clutch to worry about and you’ll need something that’s going to be reliable and be easy to start.

Personally my choice as the number one would be the little Honda CRF50F. These things are fantastic bikes for kids to learn on. Honda makes a really really great product and they’ve been making these for a long long time now. They are the gold standard.

In this article i’m going to discuss the CRF50F from Honda and ill also give links for some of the other bikes that I think are best for your little ones to learn on.

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Why the Honda CRF50F
What Age is a CRF50F For?
How Much is a CRF50F?
Honda CRF50F Spec
How Fast Does a Honda CRF50F Go?
Other Recommended Bikes

Why the Honda CRF50F

These little Honda’s are just the ticket. I have six kids, I’ve got a five-year-old all the way up to a fifteen year old teenager and our CRF50F has been used by them all at some point.

I picked up my second CRF50F bike recently and it’s a newer model. The great thing about these little bikes is they haven’t really changed a whole lot in the last 10 to 15 years.

Honda decided that if the mold isn’t broken then let’s not fix it and on these bikes I’m totally fine with that.

Yamaha has a bike like this that is also a pretty good package. The reason why I decided to stay with the Honda brand for my kids is on these little guys you get a kick starter.

Honda gives you a kick starter and this is how you start these little bikes. Yamaha does not give you a kick starter on their little PW50, the Yamaha only has electric start with these bikes.

Being the the semi-auto clutch that they are, if your bike has a dead battery and it’s that Yamaha you can no longer start it and it’s just a hunk of metal. I like the fact that these little Honda’s have the actual kickstart, that’s a major major plus for me.

The bike weighs 110 pounds and that’s with a full Oil and a full fuel tank. It’s not super light and obviously when you’re a little kid that is pretty heavy so just be just keep in mind when starting.

If your child is under six it’s going to be more difficult for them to lift this thing when they tip it over but it isn’t impossible and my seven-year-old can pick it up just fine. My five-year-old is just now even starting to pick it up when she does tip it over on her own, so that’s a plus.

These bikes are built like tanks, i mean they’re built to last. The motors or are bulletproof as long as you keep oiling them. You should change the oil maybe once a year.

The bikes have three speeds, you go all the way down for neutral and then you come up for your gears. So first gear is up once, second gear is up again and then third gear is up again.

You don’t have to worry about a clutch as there is no clutch on the left hand side, it’s got the semi auto clutch.

One of the things I love about these bikes is the fact that they have full real brakes. You’ve got the rear brake under your right foot and you’ve got the front brake on your right hand, which is just like it’s going to be when they transition to the big bikes.

What Age is a CRF50F For?

The seat height on this bike is 21.5″, meaning you can get a five-year-old on these bikes just if tall enough because they only need to have one foot down.

That’s one big distinction for me. You can teach your kids you don’t have to put both feet down when riding a dirt bike. As you can get one foot down you can ride.

Back to age all my kids used between four years old and around seven years old. However my fifteen year old could still get on this and ride it if needed.

I should not however that Honda’s lawyers only recommend the bike to 13 years or older but that literally make no sense. Whether or not a Kid is ready to ride a bike should as we always suggest be determined by the riders size, skill level and strength. All of which can only be decided by you the parent.

How Much is a CRF50F?

I love these bikes and I think that if you find one that hasn’t been beat up too much they don’t really fall a whole lot in price. You can get them for about $1600 to $1800 new from a dealer out the door.

These bikes will only fall to about $900 on the used market and if you find one for $800 or less it’s probably because the person selling doesn’t know the what it’s worth or maybe they beat the heck out of it.

Most of the bikes are going to be in that $900 to $1100 range and it doesn’t really matter if it’s a 2015 or 2006 they just sort of hold their value right around that mark.

So whilst looking you’ll maybe see a 2006 and it’s the same price as a 2010, just know that’s actually pretty normal.

The two bikes that I have are a 2008 and a 2015 model that I picked up used from somebody and I only paid a couple hundred bucks difference in dollars.

I paid $850 for my first 2008 and that took me a long long time to find it for $850 and then our 2015 one I picked up for $1100. I think I got a really really good deal for a 2015 model.

The bike still had, at the time the little nubs on the tire to help you know that it had hardly been ridden by the previous owner. It did have some trailer rash and there was a little little tear in the seat but other than that this bike was in pristine condition.

You should just be looking for around that price range. $800 would be a fantastic deal unless the thing is all beat up. $1100 is kind of the top that I would spend on a used bike or maybe even $1200 if it is literally brand new.

Other than graphics, plastics and color and sometimes people swap out some of the different features, these bikes are relatively unchanged for the last at least 10 years so I wouldn’t have any hesitation with buying an older model.

If you find one that’s in good shape they should usually come with a key that you can use to restrict your kids from being able to ride if you need to. You can just remove the key.

Honda CRF50F Spec

These bikes are driven by chain so it’s easy for you to maintain you just lube the chain. They come with about a 7/10 of a gallon gas tank and the kids can ride all day. I mean they get such phenomenal mileage so you can you can get a lot of a lot of use out of them.

They’re quiet, at least if you don’t if you don’t pipe them and if you don’t change the know spark arrestor these things are relatively quiet so they’re not going to bother a lot of people.

They have you the breakaway foot pegs and there easy to start. Everything’s adjustable, you can adjust the brakes, you can adjust your idle.

It’s got a reserve on on the on the gas tank, so if your kids run out of gas they can throw it on reserve and then hopefully get back home.

Here’s a full engine, suspension, braking, tires and measurement spec for the Honda CRF50F


Type49cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve TrainSOHC; two-valve
Bore x Stroke39.0mm x 41.4mm
Compression Ratio10.0:1
Induction11mm piston-valve carburetor
Driveline#420 chain; 14T/37T
TransmissionManual 3-speed


FrontInverted telescopic fork; 3.7 in. travel
RearSingle shock; 2.7 in. travel






Rake (castor angle)25°
Trail32mm (1.3 in.)
Length51.3 in.
Width22.9 in.
Height30.5 in.
Seat Height21.6 in.
Ground Clearance6.0 in.
Fuel Capacity0.7 gal. incl. 0.2-gal. reserve
Curb Weight*111 lbs.

These bikes are a ton of fun to go out on the trail with, whether you just kind of burn it around a field or you’re doing a real trail ride with your kids they are going to love them and it is a real motorcycle. It’s not like one of the electric ones.

Some of the electric models are pretty cool for your kids to learn on and get used to around the house but this is a full-on real motorcycle that adults can ride too. I ride this thing if I if I need to, they have quite a bit of power.

How Fast Does a Honda CRF50F Go?

I would say as far as top speeds go you will get around 25 to 40 mph when you get it in in third gear and you get pinned. So like i said it’s a real motorcycle and it can do some pretty fun things on it.

These bikes also have a throttle stop. If you’re concerned about your kid and you don’t want them to go too fast you can just go ahead and use the throttle stop which is up on the throttle on the handlebars to limit their speed and limit how far they can actually twist the throttle.

If speed and the throttle is something that is concerning for you, for me all as we did in the beginning when teaching my kids is limit them to certain gears.

In the beginning you just pop it into first gear for them and let them ride like that. Then once they build their skills and want to go a little bit faster you can put them in second gear.

A great great feature about this bike is it will start out completely fine with a kid on it in second gear.

What I do with my five-year-old is I’ll just have her start it in second gear. I’ll click it up into first gear and then click it up into second gear for her and she can be at a complete stop in second gear and they just take off no problem.

That gives them quite a bit of latitude. As far as the speed, she can go slow or she can go a little bit faster and it’s just fun because she doesn’t have to worry about shifting. The bike has enough torque to pull through in second gear.

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I think if you’re going to start your kids out in dirt biking you ought to start them out right on a real decent bike. One that’s going to be reliable for years to come, I don’t think you can beat the Honda CRF50.

I just don’t think you can improve upon the Honda CRF 50s

Other Recommended Bikes


When it comes to kids’ mini-bikes, Yamaha is the clearly one of the other leaders. The PW50’s rider-friendly design makes it easy to see why this 50cc 2-stroke is favourite with parents. It has an adjustable throttle safety features which allows you to limit speed to suit the rider’s skill level.

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