Bike trailers for kids – A parent’s guide for which is the best bike trailer to buy

Are you looking for the best bike trailer for your kids? We were too, so we crawled the internet looking through review after review for the best bike trailers out there. 

In this post we will discuss:

  • Trailer Type
  • Budget Quality and Durability
  • Single or Double Bike Trailer?
  • Seat Type
  • Weather Protection
  • Storage  
  • Folding  
  • How Old Does a Baby Need to Be to Ride in a Bike Trailer?
  • Our Bike Trailer Recommendations 

After searching we realized just how difficult it can be to get a clear picture of which will best suit your needs. Kids bike trailers have tons of features to consider when you’re trying to find the best trailer for your family. 

In this post we have examined and researched all the best bike trailers for you to choose from for what suits your necessities the most. We looked at things like bridle, fold ability, hitches, and so forth to guarantee the list only had the best available bike trailers. We were also able to use the assistance of customer reports and Amazon audits which helped us assemble a huge number of positive and negative surveys for each trailer we looked at. 

There is a wide range of styles for bike trailers and after researching and testing over a dozen trailers in the last year we’ve written what we believe are some of the features we’ve found that make the biggest difference in your riding experience.  

We’ve also detailed our top recommendations for you to look at, which you will find at the bottom of this post. 

Burley Bee Trailer $399.99
HoneyBee Child Trailer $505.49
Tail Wagon Trailer $124.13
Allen Sports s2 Deluxe  Trailer$159.99
Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer$219.99
Burley Encore X  Trailer$549.99
Bell Smooth Sailor Trailer $179.99
Allen Sports premier XLT x2$399.99
Burley Minnow Trailer$462.50

Trailer Type 

Do you want a bike trailer that’s only a trailer? Or would you also like to use it as a stroller or jogger? Many bike trailers can convert to three-wheeled or four wheeled strollers, joggers and even ski strollers. 

Trailers that include or have optional upgrades for strolling and jogging are perfect for families that want to use their trailers for multiple activities. Other families prefer to have dedicated bike trailers and a separate stroller or jogger. We personally love using trailers as strollers as the front cover keeps whatever your child wants to bring along for the ride contained in that trailer.  

Budget Quality and Durability  

The best kids’ trailers are easier and smoother to pull, offer more comfort features for the kids, they can convert to a stroller or jogger and are much higher quality and more durable, however they are also often much more expensive. 

 If you’re looking for the highest performance and durability, bike trailers from brands like Burley, Thule or Hey Max really excel. From smoother performance to thicker fabric covers, these trailers have refined designs and components and are built to last the long haul. 

With trailers you really get what you pay for. If you’re going to be riding often, you should spend as much as you possibly can but if you’re on a tight budget there are still solid options from brands like Allen and Schwinn. 

Although they are made with thinner fabric and more basic components, brands like Allen and Schwinn are options for families who will be sticking primarily to paved neighborhood trails. At the very least we would recommend that you find a trailer with at least 20-inch wheels on metal rims. Many budget trailers have 16-inch wheels on plastic rims, which are lower quality and make for a bumpy ride. The best quality trailers we’d recommend if you’re on a budget are made by Allen. 

Single or Double Bike Trailer?  

If you’re only ever going to take one kid out at a time, then a single trailer is probably the best way to go. They are narrower and lighter than double trailers making them easier to pull and if you’re carrying just one child in a double trailer, they must be loaded on one side, not in the middle so they end up being more cramped than necessary. 

Double trailers are best for growing families or families who want the flexibility of bringing along a friend or storing things along for the ride. 

Seat Type  

Basic trailers generally have what’s called hammock style seating, this consists of a thick piece of fabric stretched across the frame of the trailer. These seats usually sag in the middle and don’t offer a lot of support. 

Higher end trailers have a true bench style seat, when you have two riders a bench seat makes a huge difference in comfort level for those little riders. If you can afford it bench seats are certainly worth the upgrade 

Weather Protection  

Rain covers can save you from being stuck inside due to weather. Not only do they protect you from rain but also wind and a fall in the wintry temperatures. Sunshades are a lifesaver too. In the scorching summer heat we’ve found that well-functioning rain covers and sunshades allow you to get out in almost any weather as long as you are in safe riding conditions. 

UV windows also help protect our little one’s skin and allow you to get out without having to pile on the sunscreen. While rain covers can be found on many basic trailers like Schwinn, Instep and Allen, you won’t find UV windows or sunshades on those brands. Thule, Burly and Hey Max are your best bet for the best weather protection number.  


How much room you need to store items that you’re bringing along for the ride, really comes down to personal preference. When we were out, we liked to air on the side of more storage than you think you might need. We’ve found ourselves taking scooters, balance bikes, helmets, basketballs, lunches and a family’s worth of jackets.  

Higher-end trailers tend to have better storage options. Burly trailers have the most storage capacity of any other trailer brand.  


How easy it is to fold a trailer, can make the difference between you getting your trailer out on those trails, or just not wanting to bother because it’s such a pain to load it up in the car. Once again you get what you pay for, if you want a trailer that’s easy to fold and unfold stick to Burly, Thule or Hey Max. If you’ll only be riding in your neighborhood, you don’t need to worry much about this feature. 

How Old Does a Baby Need to Be to Ride in a Bike Trailer  

You cannot safely pull a baby in a bike trailer until they are at least one year old. However, if you’re using your trailer as a stroller and you have a young infant, you can stroll with your baby as young as six weeks old. 

If this is the case, you’ll need a baby insert. Your baby’s head and neck are supported properly in these inserts and can be used until your baby is at least 6 months old, if not longer. Not all trailers have baby insert upgrades, Thule and Burley trailers and strollers are your best bet if you want to use your trailer as a stroller with a young baby. 

Our Bike Trailer Recommendations 

Here’s a few of the bike trailers we would suggest you look at: 

#1 – Burley Bee trailer 

The Bee Trailer is the perfect bike trailer for family adventures on a budget without sacrificing safety quality or durability. The Bee comes ready to bike and has seating for one or two children with a weight capacity of 100 lbs.  

It has a two-in-one water-resistant cover which is a 600d polyester fabric. On warm sunny days you can simply roll up the cover and attach it in place using the velcro straps. The trailer windows have a UPF 30 rating. The trailer is made from a reflective material that makes the trailer more visible when riding at night. 

Another great feature of the Bee seating system is the adjustability. The adjustment points can be slid up and down to accommodate every child as they grow. Between the shoulder straps you’ll find a loose mesh area, this is the Bee’s helmet pocket. It allows for a more comfortable ride for your kid allowing them to wear a helmet comfortably. 

Next to the seat are several pockets for snacks and toys and behind the seat is a large storage area for any cargo you may need on the go. It has a hammock style seat which provides passive suspension and comes with soft side of the velcro to allow for adding extras. The Bee trailer also comes with a five-point harness system.  

This trailer retails from $399.99 on amazon and for any parents looking for an affordable child trailer the Bee by Burley is a great option.  

#2 – HoneyBee Child Trailer 

The second of our recommendations is also another by Burley. This is the honeybee child trailer. It’s a perfect balance of value and versatility without compromising on safety.  

It also has an included light bracket and various reflective piping on the fabric for extra safety and protection at night. The two in one water-resistant cover is a 600d polyester fabric and on warm summer days you can simply roll up the window and secure using the velcro straps. The windows on the honeybee have a UPF 30 rating. 

Looking at the interior, the hammock style seat provides passive suspension to the child and has an integrated five-point harness system. Another great feature of the honeybee seating system is its adjustability. The adjustment points can be moved up and down to accommodate the child as they grow. 

Between the shoulder straps you’ll will find a loose mesh area, this is the helmet pocket allowing for a more comfortable ride for your kids. Next to the seat are several pockets for snacks and toys and behind the seat is a large storage space for any cargo you need on the go. 

Again, for easy loading and unloading the honeybee also includes a splash guard. At the back of the honeybee there’s a hub engage parking brake for use when strolling. The honeybee comes with easy to use push button wheels. It also features a fold flat design for easy storage, you simply pull on the two red triggers to fold flat. 

This trailer retails from $505.99 on and for parents looking for a child carrier for biking and strolling the honeybee is a great option  

#3 – Tail Wagon Trailer 

Although not for the kids we get asked alot about taking your four legged friends along on the family bike rides. So, next on our list is the Tail Wagon. Perfect if you’re looking to also include your furry family members in your outdoor biking adventures. The Tail Wagon comes ready to bike with and has a weight capacity of 75 lbs

It can also be used with the optional stroller kits and the kickstand is a great accessory that’s compatible with a one-wheel stroller kit. It has a parking brake which is located at the rear of the trailer. The Tail Wagon also comes included with a handlebar which can be easily removed by pushing the two metal buttons on the side. 

The tail Wagon also features quick-release wheels. It has vinyl windows which can be zipped down to keep out the elements and then they can be rolled up and secured using the velcro loops. The front cover can also be rolled up and secured using its velcro loop too. 

Looking at the interior the tail wagon is 23″ tall by 19″ wide. There is a removable washable floor and it has inner loops for hooking up the leash should you wish to take your family pet along too. It has cargo pockets for storing sweets, treats, leashes and other pet gear. To keep your furry friends secure you must first latch the cover, then the lower flap. For easy storage you simply pull the red tabs in and lay flat. 

This trailer retails from $124.13 on amazon and for any family looking to take their pet with them on their next adventure the tail wagon in my opinion is the best option. 

#4 – Allen Sports S2 Deluxe  

The Allen Sports Deluxe trailer quickly sets up as a bike trailer right out of the box and can be easily converted into a two-child swivel wheel stroller. 

The 20” rear wheels deliver low rolling resistance and the large front and side windows let your kids enjoy the ride. The s2 trailer also includes a foot bar that protects your child’s feet and comes with a removable three season, bug and rain shield. 

The padded five-point safety harnesses will securely hold your child safely in place during use. A universal coupler secures to your bike’s rear axle and makes installation and removal from your bicycle a snap. 

It features padded five-point safety harnesses quickly secure your child to safely transport them in either trailer or stroller mode. With giant front and side windows to provide your little riders with great views of the world while you are out and about. 

The rear wheel parking brakes allow you to safely park your trailer when in stroller mode. The s2 includes two rear storage pockets for carrying items in your trailer. There are also two small interior pockets inside of the cabin of the trailer for snacks and drinks. 

This trailer retails from $159.99 on amazon and is a perfect trailer and stroller for active parents. 

#5 – Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer  

The Schwinn Echo trailer is equipped with 20” alloy rims with air tires that provide performance and style. It has a large window and mesh surface area for better transparency, while the bug screen keeps your kid insect free, dry and cool. 

The seat includes a helmet mess area and shoulder pads for passenger comfort and the universal trailer coupler attaches to most bikes’ rear wheels. It has five-point safety harnesses with shoulder patches and a safety flag for extra visibility. 

It has a two-in-one canopy with a bug screen and weather shield. It also has a rear ventilation window.  This trailer will accommodate two riders up to 40 lbs each and room for up to 12 lbs of additional gear will fit in the rear storage area. It fits in the back of cars, trucks or closets quite easily as the frame collapses and the wheels can be removed.  

This trailer retails from $219.99 on amazon 

#6 – Burley encore X  

The encore X is a two-seat bike trailer and stroller built for the active family. The encore X comes ready to bike or stroll with a weight capacity of a 100 lbs in total. It features suspension for smooth rides and includes the one-wheel stroller kit, out of the box for quick transitions from biking to strolling. 

This trailer is compatible with the jogging, skiing, 16” plus wheels and two-wheel stroller kits. It comes with an additional removable seat and harness padding and the seat can be detached to convert to a cargo trailer. 

A height adjustable handlebar doubles up as an additional roll bar when used as a bike trailer. The 600d polyester water-resistant fabric and zippers provide added protection in wet conditions. To maximize ventilation on warm sunny days, you can simply roll up the front window and secure with the elastic loops.  

The rear window ventilation allows for a cool breeze to flow through the trailer and the tinted trailer windows have a UPF 50 plus rating. The reflective materials make the trailer more visible at night and light loops at the rear of the trailer allow for additional lighting to be attached. 

The Encore X comes equipped with an adjustable five-point harness system to fit your child as they grow. Next to the seat you’ll find pockets for plenty of snacks and toys. It has a splash guard at the front which can be lowered for easy access. At the rear of the trailer you’ll find ample space for any cargo you’ll need on the go. 

The hub engaged parking brake keeps the trailer in place when loading and unloading passengers or cargo. For easy storage remove the push button wheels and from the front of the trailer press the release latches and pull the rear frame through to fold flat. 

This trailer retails from $549.99 on amazon and we think it opens the doors to adventure. 

#7 – Bell Smooth Sailor Trailer 

For the ultimate in child transportation choose the Bell smooth Sailor trailer and stroller, with its durable steel frame and wheels. This smooth sailor is designed to carry two children and lots of gear with a total weight capacity of 100lbs. 

Installation is easy, fast and secure when used. As a trailer the smooth sailor mounts to a specifically designed pitch that attaches to the rear of the bike. It can easily be converted to a stroller by installing the front wheel and handlebar. 

Once your little kids are on board, an adjustable five-point harness keeps them comfortable and safe. You should always make sure all passengers are wearing properly fitted helmets when inside this trailer. The trailer features a soft-shell canopy, bug guard and rain shield that can easily be removed on sunny days to provide a clear view of the road ahead. 

After your adventures complete the smooth sailor conveniently folds flat to fit into the trunk of a car or store in your garage. So, whether you decide to ride or a walk to the store, the park or the playground of Bell smooth sailor trailer and stroller is your ticket to family fun. 

This trailer retails from $179.99 on amazon 

#8 – Allen Sports premier XLT x2 

This two-child aluminum bike trailer triples up to either a jogger, stroller or bike trailer. This trailer is the perfect two in one product choice for the active parent. The item quickly sets up as either a fully functional fixed wheel jogger or bike trailer right out of the box. 

The 20” rear wheels and 16” inch front wheel for jogger mode, deliver low rolling resistance and large front and side windows let your Kid enjoy the ride. An extra-large interior compartment delivers lots of room for your little riders. 

The XLT x2 jogger trailer includes a recessed foot area for your children’s feet and comes with a removable three-season bug and rain shield. It has zippered panels on the bug and rain shield, which make for easy opening and closing. 

When not in use the XLT x2’s folding design and quick release wheels offer easy storage and transportation. Whether you’re looking to tow your trailer behind your road bike, mountain bike, comfort bike or beach cruiser the universal coupler on this trailer will work with most full-sized bicycles on the road. 

For comfortable and safe transport for your kids in the trailer its cabin is surrounded by a sturdy frame which will provide a safe place where your passengers can ride. The XLT x2 exceeds the Astra safety standards for bicycle trailers and for joggers and is backed by Allen’s lifetime warranty. 

It’s large 20” aluminum rear wheels provide an easy rolling trailer and the large wheels engage bumps in road better than smaller wheels and provide a more comfortable ride to your little passengers. The zipper released, three season rain and bug shield offer’s easy access to the inside of your trailer and zippers themselves offer exceptional durability when compared with velcro releases. 

This trailer retails from $399.99 on amazon and is a perfect two in one trailer and jogger choice for the active parent 

#9 – Burley Minnow 

The minnow the perfect trailer for single child families on a budget, without sacrificing safety quality or durability. The minnow comes ready to bike and has seating for one child with a weight capacity of 75lbs. 

It has a two-in-one water-resistant cover which is a 600d polyester fabric and the trailer windows have a UPF 30 rating. It also has a reflective material making the trailer more visible at night. On warm sunny days you can simply roll up the window and secure using the velcro straps. 

In the interior of the trailer you’ll find a spacious seating area for one child. The adjustment points on the seat can be slid up and down to accommodate your kid as they grow. Between the shoulder straps you’ll see some loose mesh which is the trailers helmet pocket, this allows for a more comfortable ride whilst wearing their helmet. 

Next to the seat are several pockets for snacks or toys. The Minnow also comes equipped with a five-point harness system. The hammock style seat comes with soft side of the velcro for adding extras. For easy loading and unloading this trailer comes equipped with a splash guard and behind the seat is a large storage space for any cargo you may need on the go. 

The minnow also comes equipped with easy to use push button wheels. It also features the compact fold; you simply pull the red tabs at the top and lay flat. 

This trailer retails from $462.50 on amazon and is perfect for parents looking for an affordable single child trailer. 

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