10 Best Bikes for 3 and 4 Year Olds – 12 and 14 inch Bikes

There’s so many different kids bikes on the market, it can quickly become confusing to figure out which one is best for your Kid. In this article you’ll find the 16 best bikes you should consider for your 3 or 4 year old kid.

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When your child is ready to graduate from a balance bike, check out one of these bikes. These 12 inch and 14 inch bicycles are an appropriate choice for kids between about 2.5 and 5 years old and are best suited for 3 and 4 year olds.

BikeWheel SizePrice From
Woom 214″$359
Cleary Gecko12″$310
Prevelo Alpha One14″$359
Spawn Yoji14″$405
Pello Romper14″$349
Frog 4014″$270
Commencal Ramones 1414″$219
Raleigh MXR12″$150
Diamondback Mini Viper12″$135
Vitus 1414″$190

We’ve also provided some tips on what to look for when choosing the best bike for your child.

You’ll want to get a bicycle for your child or grandchild that will be easy to learn to pedal on, durable enough to be handed down, and lightweight enough to make biking fun and easier.

Note: All these bikes discussed are for kids between 3 to 4 years old with the intent that they will be able to ride them for a few years. If your child is closer to 5 or a little taller, you might also want to check out our list of the best 16″ bikes.  You can also learn more about picking the right size bicycle for your child here

Top 5 Best 12 Inch and 14 Inch Kids Bikes
Other Bikes To Consider
Best Budget 12″ and 14″ Bikes
What To Look For When Choosing A Bike
Frequently Asked Questions
Woom 2
Commencal Ramones 14
Vitus 14

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Woom 2
Cleary Gecko
Prevelo Alpha One
Spawn Yoji
Pello Romper
Frog 40
Commencal Ramones 14 – 
Raleigh Jazzi/MXR – 
Diamondback Mini Viper – 
Vitus 14

Top 5 Best 12 Inch and 14 Inch Kids Bikes

1. Woom 2

Taking our number one spot is the Woom 2. It’s without a doubt our favourite bike for kids who are just learning to pedal and we’re not afraid to say we think it’s the very best 14-inch kids bike on the market.

The quality of the bike is worth every penny with this bike, no detail has been overlooked. It has color coded brake levers so kids can tell the difference between the right and left break and they don’t end up with that over the bar situation.

It has an upright geometry that makes pedalling really easy for kids. This bike in particular is the bike that my daughter has actually learned to ride on.

It’s also extraordinarily light which is probably why it’s our favourite bike. It weighs just over 11 pounds which is phenomenal and I’ll talk a little bit more later in this article on about why weight is so important for kids at this age.

We also really like the 14 inch wheels on the these as opposed to a 12 inch bike as it just allows kids to get up and over obstacles a lot easier and lets them go faster as they begin to want to.

Learn More: Woom 2

Price: $359

2. Cleary Gecko

The number two bike on our list is the Cleary Gecko. Now this is our very favourite bike for kids who are really really young and already ready to pedal, around two and a half year old is an ideal age for this bike.

It would suit a kid who has already been riding a balance bike and they’ve got the balance needed and they’ve got the physical ability then this is the bike to teach them to pedal on.

One of the things we like about this bike is its tiny little size. It has easy to pull brake levers. It also has a handle under the saddle so you can help them get started.

If you’re a mountain biking family and you are already ready to go take your child on some single track this bike will do it but it’s also great just for riding on the sidewalk and the driveway or around the neighbourhood.

So no matter what you want to do with your child this bike is gonna make it possible for them.

We must note this is not our favourite bike for kids who are already three and a half to four years old, but for two and a half or just barely three years old this will be perfect.

Learn More: Cleary Gecko

Price: $359

3. Prevelo Alpha One

The bike in our number three spot is the Prevelo Alpha One. This is Prevelo’s smallest pedal bike and it has 14 inch wheels. It has an optional and highly recommended free-wheel kit* which we’ll talk about again later.

The bike is built up with super high quality components including Kenda tires and easy to operate hand brakes. It’s a really pretty bright bike without brushed aluminum it looks like the grown-up bike.

The Alpha One features and exceptionally low minimum seat height and a low bottom bracket. This geometry places the rider close to the ground. We have found that kids feel more confident, learn easier and ride better when they are closer to the ground. The low geometry also lowers the center of gravity making the bikes safer and more agile.

Learn More: Prevelo Alpha One

Price: $359

4. Spawn Yoji

In our number four spot is the Spawn Yoji. If you are a mountain biking family and you want your little one joining you then this is the bike. This bike is definitely more oriented towards off-road riding

It is a bit pricey compared to the other bikes on the list but like all good mountain bikes, the high quality components and low weight make it worth the price.

This bike is extremely lightweight, only a mere 13 pounds thanks to the aluminum frame. The Yoji also has real off-road tires, Tektro v-brakes and a quick release seat collar which helps with on-the-fly saddle height adjustments.

If you want to go to the pump track or go mountain biking this is your bike and you don’t need to look any further in our opinion.

Learn More: Spawn Yoji

Price: $405

5. Pello Romper

Our number five bike is the Pello Romper. This is a 14 inch bike also and it has really nice beefy tires for your kids to help with balance.

Whatever kind of terrain your child wants to ride on wether it be riding up and down the driveway, on the gravel or grass, this bike is going to be able to handle it without any problems.

It’s a bike we really like and for the price tag it has the high quality components of some of the other bikes from this list without quite as high of a outlay.

The bike is really stylish and it comes in orange or hot pink so whatever your child’s preference is it has a nice beautiful frame for them.

Again when you compare it to that the price the bike has some amazing component such as the Cane Creek headset, Kenda tires and a aluminum head stem.

It’s such a good bike and such a good price that it should definitely be on your short list of considerations.

Learn More: Pello Romper

Price: $349

Other Bikes To Consider

6. Frog 40

Next is the Frog 40. Frog is a really great kids bike company based in the UK and although they aren’t seen as often in the US that should really change because they are great bikes.

They offer really colorful paint schemes which is fantastic especially for younger kids like three to four year olds discussed here. is old why not them a really adorable bike

The Frog 40 has a lightweight but sturdy frame, making the bike easy to manoeuvre for your child and easy for you to carry if needed.

It comes with Tektro brakes with small, easy to reach brake levers for better control, patented Frog cranks for easier pedalling which reduces the distance between the pedals increasing efficiency and comfort. You also get reflectors, mudguard and bell included.

Learn More: Frog 40

Price: $270

7. Commencal Ramones 14

Next we have the Commencal Ramones. Commencal are best known for their adult mountain bikes but this is a 14 inch model designed by parents within those very same walls. At only $219 this bike is a steal.

We recently wrote a whole article on ‘How To Choose A Kids Mountain Bike‘ discussing the Commencal kids mountain bike range as our example and you can read this here.

The Ramones doesn’t just look good it rides well also and offers Tektro mechanical brakes, including levers specially for small hands. It has kid-specific technology from front to back.

Single speed at this stage keeps things simple, with a smaller cockpit, narrower bars and not forgetting the extra grip that comes with the 14-inch wide and grippy tyres that will off-road anywhere.

Kids can even choose between ‘COMMENCAL VALLNORD‘ red or ‘COMMENCAL’ 100% orange.

Learn More: Commencal Ramones 14

Price: $219

Best Budget 12″ and 14″ Bikes

8. Raleigh MXR

The Raleigh MXR 12 is the ideal first bike for kids who are excited to put power to the pedals. The durable steel frame can take the bumps and tumbles that come with learning to ride. 

Removable training wheels can be used to learn balance if needed and then taken off when your little one is ready to go it alone on two wheels. Coaster brakes are easy to master

You simply push the pedals backwards and the bike slows to a stop. It comes with a chain guard which helps keeps pant legs and skin safe from grime and harm.

Price: $219

9. Diamondback Mini Viper

If your child is begging to start riding a bike, the Micro Viper 12 will help satisfy their craving to get cranking. Training wheels are included to help them master the basics of balance and pedaling and can be taken off easily.

The coaster brake provides ample stopping power and is easy and intuitive to use, while a chain guard keeps skin and clothing out of harm’s way.

Built tough enough to be passed down through the family or neighbourhood, the Micro Viper 12 will start them pedalling down the road to a lifetime of bike-induced grins.

Price: $160

10. Vitus 14

Designed to be confidence inspiring, the Vitus 14 is an awesome little 14 inch wheeled kids bike. Built around a alloy frame and single speed drive train, your child is going to be flying along with ease and class on one of these bikes.

To ensure that the your child can stop with ease, Vitus have bolted on a set of Tektro V-Brakes to give a solid braking performance. Along with these they have got short pull levers making it that little bit easier for the children to reach the levers.

To help stability and whilst pedalling, Vitus have kitted the bike out with a new chainset that has a reduced Q factor. This brings the pedals as close to the centre of the bike as possible without effecting the chain alignment. In doing this it allows your kids to pedal smoother and reduce the amount of side to side movement they may get from a traditional childs bike chainset.

Price: $190

What To Look For When Choosing A Bike

What bike size do they need?

When you’re choosing a good bike for a two and a half to a four-year-old the very first thing you need to look for is what bike size they need. If your child is two-and-a-half or nearing their third birthday they’re probably going to need a 12 inch bike because it has the smallest frame size.

Our top pick for this size would be the Cleary Gecko but once they are three or four years old I would start looking at a 14 inch bikes.

14 inch wheels are able to roll up cracks from the sidewalk a little easier they’re able to keep up the pace a little more, so if you’re going for a family ride with older kids you’re going to be able to do a lot better on that 14 inch bike as opposed to a 12 inch.

The other important thing to think about is that each child is different size. One child might be three and they’re already really tall and they might already be ready for 16 inch bike.

Then we’ve got other kids who might be five years old and they are what for whatever reason really really short and they’re still going to need to be on these 14 inch bikes.

The best thing you can do is measure your child’s inseam. You want to make sure, especially for a first bike that your childs inseam is it at least as long as the minimum seat height.

This will help if your child hasn’t learned to pedal yet as they need to be able to put their feet flat on the ground. With this in mind don’t buy a bike that has 17 inch minimum seat height when your child’s in scheme is only 15 inches. Look for a bike for their inseam and the minimum see I match.

After size we think the weight is the single most important factor in picking a bike for your kid. when I’m comparing two bikes I’m always going to pick the lightest one.

If when comparing these bikes have both have equal components the lightest one regardless of the price is going to be better. It will make a huge difference in your child’s enjoyment level and how long they can ride for.

Look for a bike that’s no more than 30% of your child’s body weight which is a really tough thing to do but of all the bikes on our list the Womb Two is the lightest.

It’s was also my son’s favorite when he was that age and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

If youv’e a younger kid who weighs around 30 pounds, you don’t want to buy a bike that’s gonna weigh 15 or 20 pounds. For me i’d look at a big like the Womb Two, which only weighs 11 pounds, about 30% of their body weight.

The next thing I want to mention is when buying a bike that get what you pay for. You hear so many parents say I need to find a bike that costs around 100 bucks.

Like most things in life the more you spend on a bike the better quality it’s going to be. The truth is if you go to Walmart or to Target or wherever and you buy a bike it’s going to be really heavy. It’s going to fall apart quickly it’s will only end up in the landfill.

Don’t do that to your child and don’t do that to our planet. The good news is that when you buy a high-quality bike that costs a little more it’s going to be a good investment.

If you have younger kids you’re going to be able to pass it on to them or maybe sell it on via sites like Craigslist or eBay.

The other thing to know is that a lot of the bikes on this list, like Woom, Prevelo or Pello have trade up programs. Some of those are membership programs and some of them are just free.

So once you start your child on a 12 inch or a 14 inch bike, you’ll then be able to trade up to the sixteen inch bike for a better price. With this in mind it’s worth spending the extra money up front.

We’ve seen so many parents who got crappy half huffy bikes with their child who then never learned how to ride and when they did they were unhappy on the bike.

Those same parents then later on purchase the more expensive bike and often they wish they hadn’t wasted their money in the first place.

If you really do only have $100 to spend, please spend $100 by finding a good bike on Craigslist or eBay. Have a look on local bike swap sites or on a Facebook group as opposed to go into Walmart.

The next thing that you should look for when shopping for a bike is what kind of breaks it has. Does it have coaster breaks, aka “pedal brakes” or does it have hand breaks, aka ‘rim breaks’.

A lot of these nice bikes are going to come automatically with a coaster brakes but you can buy an upgrade kit to get rim breaks and I highly highly recommend buying a bike with a these.

The reason being is that coaster brakes are actually hinder kids from learning to pedal. When they’re peddling they’re going to take a little back pedal and often then come to a stop fall over.

Kids who learned to ride a bike without coaster brakes learned that pedalling motion a lot faster when compared.

The other benefit is just having kids learn these style handbrakes at a young age. That’s what they’re going to be using later in life so why wouldn’t you start teaching your child to use hand brakes from the off.

Kids as young as like two and a half years old are perfectly capable of using a hand brakes. My son used to learn to use them on his balance bike.

We think its a good idea to pick a balance bike ahead of time with a handbrake, so when they finally switched to a pedal bike and they can use them already but even if they haven’t started on a balance bike with hand brakes we would still recommend starting them on a pedal bike with proper hand brakes.

Another thing we’re going to say it’s a little controversial is stop using training wheels, just skip the train wheels. None of the bikes on our top-five list have training wheels and that’s good for the reason.

You don’t really want your child to learn tried with training wheels. It will make it harder for them to ride on a sidewalk for example, if you’ve ever seen a kid on the sidewalk using these you’ll notice they’re constantly getting their training wheels off center and it’s a dangerous experience.

Training wheels prevent kids from been able to go faster and keep up with everybody. So just don’t use those training wheels.

If you’re kid hasn’t already mastered a balance bike then get them balance bike first and then transition to a pedal bike later or if you think they’re really close to already being able to ride a pedal bike without training wheels then go ahead and get the pedal bike and take off the pedals and just have them use it like a balance bike until they’ve got the hang of it.

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