Are Expensive Bike Shorts Worth It?

In this post I’ve decided to talk about bike shorts, no not the stretch kind the kind that you wear on top of the stretchy kind, sometimes known as in over short or in just common a short.

In particular I’ll be giving my reasons why I think expensive shorts are worthwhile and which ones I use daily. I’ll be using my example to give my reason to explain why I think not.

Inexpensive bike shorts simply don’t give you everything you need. The more expensive shorts like those by Chrome give you the qualities of a short, that is stretchy enough, is quick dry and is durable and somewhat fitted.

The pair of shorts I’m going to look at in particular to help explain why I think expensive shorts are worth it are my personal favourites the Chrome Industries shorts. These shorts are a really good length and fit for most people I talk to too.

If you’re not familiar with chrome, they’re a bike brand and they’re known for making a really rugged and utilitarian bags and have expanded into apparel and shoes over the last couple years. I think the shorts really carry on in that tradition of being something functional and also multi-purpose.

These shorts have five pockets, they has two pockets in the rear which are fairly deep and two pockets in the front as well as a little mini pocket for small snacks or a pen or something. It has a button top and a zipper fly and belt loops all around the waist.


In terms of material, its a stretchy fabric and is fairly quick drying. I would classify it in the mid light categories but not really thick and plasticky like some of those other fabrics can be. I think this is a good weight for spring and I even potentially will wear in summer.

The cut of the short is pretty great, it’s slim fitted but not like skin-tight and it’s definitely more fitted than something you would see in a mountain bike ‘baggy short’ category.

If you’re over the overly baggy style of mountain bike shorts and this is a pretty good option for you.

They’re a little bit dropped in the front so when you’re crouched over the bike it gives you that freedom of movement and on the rear it is a little bit taller so you’re not left exposed, if you know what I mean.

What makes the Madrona style different from their others, is that they’re the shortest short in their line up with only an 8 inch inseam. If you’re super tall this could potentially wear like a jort but if you’re average size or a little bit shorter then the Madrona style is great length.

Although I’ve chosen to use the Madrona as my example, Chrome have you covered. You can find a wide range which are sure to have the perfect fit and color for you here on amazon.

Since I’ve owned these shorts, I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day. I’ve used them on multiple rides and I absolutely love them.

Overall I think they’ve got great stretch to them. It’s a style that actually fits me like a short should which is just amazing and hard to find and the material feels pretty durable too.

If you’re going on a multi-day bike ride or something and want to wear them as an over short, then these would be a great fit for that too.

As I said before I like that I like the front pockets that are fairly deep so you can put keys or phone in there and you don’t have to worry too much about them popping out on a bike ride.


I’m a super huge fan of this Chrome range, so much so they actually went and ordered a another pair recently in the Navy color because these are shorts I’m essentially going to be living in all summer.

There’s only one thing I wish they did change about the short and that is with the rear pocket. I wish one of these had a zippered or a button closure, just so you can carry a wallet something back there and not have to worry about it falling out during a bike ride. Picky I know but other than that for me it’s a dang near perfect bike over short.

Another potential downside is the price, these are not inexpensive shorts. Full retail price is from $90 but here’s the thing, I totally appreciate that you can go to a department store or wherever you shop, pick up any shorts and bike in them and I’ve certainly done that but often times it’s been a compromise.

Yes it’s less expensive but finding those qualities of a short, that is stretchy enough, is quick dry and is durable and somewhat fitted, is actually pretty hard to find.

I’ve spent months searching for the shorts I usually ride in and even then I’m not always happy but these shorts are designed by cyclists for cyclists and it really tells.

On some shorts I’ve ridden with they’re too loose and when I stand up the short actually catches on the Horn of the saddle. These are slim without being skin tight and it’s a really nice balance.

if you do plan to do a ton of riding in these I’d suggest looking at liner shorts or liner bibs because the material is a little bit on the thicker side so something like the villagio mesh bib liners which I’m going to review in the next couple weeks.

I think if you’re looking for a great over short to ride in and are tired of department store bingo trying to find that perfect bike short, then I would highly suggest checking out Chrome shorts.


I like them way more than I thought I would and and like I said I bought multiple pairs and if that’s not testimony enough to how great these shorts are and I don’t know what is.

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