The Benefits Of 10 Minutes Jump Rope Per Day

When was the last time you used a jump or skipping rope? Was it your PE class? Often we are afraid to pick a jump rope at the gym because we don’t want to look silly bouncing  up and down.

Just 10 minutes of jump rope has so many amazing health benefits and in this post I will discuss them

Ten minutes of jump rope per day can achieve the equivalent cardiovascular benefits to that of thirty minute jog. Studies have shown that including 10 minutes of jump rope a day has helped many to enhance their coordination, balance, and power levels. It can also help improve your overall well being.

A Portable Way To Exercise

We’ve all tried but It’s so very hard to stay committed to that year-long gym membership. Treadmills or elliptical machines can become boring but if you find yourself searching for a fun way to get fit then jump rope is the perfect choice.

Most fitness places will have a ton of various ropes. You can even get one online that’ll be suitable for your height. This handy exercise gadget can tag along with you anywhere. It’s not heavy and does not occupy too much space and therefore can slide in any corner of your bag. You could even carry it to a park or school.

You could complete the quick 10-minute exercise on your break at the office or during your lunch even. You don’t even need to miss a workout when you are on holiday. It can also be a good warm-up before you’re high-intensity workout.

Furthermore there are no rules. Just put on some of your favorite workout music and allow your body to move however it wants. The rhythm will make you enjoy the exercise even more.

Builds Muscle

Skipping a rope can shape quite a few muscle groups. There are so  many strength training workouts that forget to target the calves for example. In a 10-minure jump rope exercise these are the primary muscles required, so this exercise will naturally work them and give you killer calves you may desire.

It also helps you to kick your glutes into overdrive. Your quads, glutes, and hamstrings are all activated with every hop, jump and skip. If you want to take it to another level try single leg jumps. This would work on the muscles of your lower body with double power.

Your back and shoulder muscles also stay in good form if you jump regularly for just 10-minutes per day. It can also help you to prevent muscle injuries you may occur during overhead presses or back squats.

 Just 10-minutes of jumping rope can also give you a ripped core. This itself is probably one of the most underrated benefits of a jump rope. Your arms, forearms, and those tiny muscles in your fingers also are set in motion.

You could even take your 10-minutes jump rope work out to the next level and try weighted ropes to engage more muscle groups with each swing.

Burns Calories

We’re you aware that an average person with a medium fitness level can roughly jump up to 70 times a minute. This alone would burn about 15 to 20 calories.

A good 10-minute skip can burn up to 150 to 200 calories.  

Based on this fact alone isn’t skipping an awesome way of burning calories? If you have been a sincere runner for a while our next fact may make you convert to jump rope instead.

Skipping for an hour can burn up to 720 calories, which is equivalent to a 6 mile run, 6 miles!  On top of this if you then increase the intensity you will be able to burn up to 1000 calories an hour. This calorie burn can be difficult to achieve just by running alone.

Jump Rope Vs Running – If the above fact has perked your interest check out this post which we discuss further Why Skipping Rope Could Help You Lose Weight Faster Than Running

We know no two people will burn the same number of calories after doing the same exercise for 10 minutes. Factors like weight, body metabolism, sleep deprivation, and diet have a major impact on calorie burning. However the fact remains that 10-minutes jumping rope can burn more calories than a 30-minute jog.

Improves Co-Ordination And Balance

We have always associated jump rope with children. But there are just so many athletes, especially boxers using this exercise to stay agile. Skipping is a multidimensional exercise. In a 10-minute skip a lot goes on even if your brain is not paying attention to those actual movements.

Start with the basic jump and once you progress and get past the stage of maintaining rhythm, things may look and feel pretty easy. All the while it will require effort from so many parts of your body.

You will have to focus with your eyes, feet, hands, arms, legs, and torso to stop yourself from stumbling on that rope.

A recent study showed that including 10 minutes of jump rope during training a few soccer players helped to enhance their coordination, balance, and power levels.

10-minutes of skipping can also make you light on your feet. Many football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey players also make it a point to come back to a 10-minute skipping workout for that amazing footwork.

Try to make it a point to jump even if you are not an athlete. If like us it might help you get better at chasing your kids around the home and yard.

Improve Your Heart Health

Portrait of a happy senior woman making a heart shape with her hands after exercising on the riverbank.

Just 10-minutes jump rope everyday is exceptionally good for your heart, mainly to keep it pumping as it should. But to get the real benefits you need to work smarter rather than harder.

If you are a beginner 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout for a week will be useful. But did you know that jumping rope is considered a vigorous-intensity activity.

You will therefore get a benefit similar to 2-minutes of moderate-intensity exercise in just one minute of skipping. With only 10-minutes of jump rope a day, five times a week, you can reverse some dreadful heart conditions.

According to a recent study, 10-minutes of jumping rope gave the equivalent cardiovascular benefits to that of thirty-minute jog.  It will help to lower the resting heart rate, decrease blood pressure and reverse bad cholesterol.

Helps With Weight Loss

If like me I bet you never thought jump rope could be the answer to those tight clothes that no longer fit you comfortably. 

Completing just 10-minutes jump rope per day can be a complete exercise in itself. It can up  your heart rate and give you quick weight loss results in comparison to weight training. The combined efforts of calorie burning and fat loss give you some help shedding those extra pounds and

Research has shown that 10-minutes of non-stop jumping for 120 repetitions can give you the same benefit as 720 yards of swimming, 30-minutes jogging, 30-minutes of racket and handball playing, two sets of tennis, and 18 holes of golf.

Improves Bone Density

Most sport activities that exert mild force on the bones can promote excellent growth and increase their strength. Jumping rope is one such activity. This is so important as you age and your bones start getting weak.

People with weak bones or osteoporosis should especially try this form of exercising. That might sound paradoxical but surprisingly jump rope exerts mild to moderate pressure on these bones to strengthen them from within.  

It is even advised in severe bone conditions like osteopenia, too.  This form of exercise involves mild to no risk of injury.

However please stay away from it if you have had recent bone surgery like a hip or knee replacement or if your doctor has advised you otherwise.

Improves Skin Quality

If like me you’ve young daughters tell them to swap those makeup products for this awesome exercise. Beautiful, healthy skin can be a reality for all of us with a simple 10-minute fun jump. 

Skipping can make you sweat a lot especially if you’re a beginner. Sweat is your skin’s way of throwing out toxins, pollutants, and dust along with microbes. The more skips you do would guarantee more sweat and a deeper cleansing of the skin.

A 10-minute daily jump rope exercise can also keeps your skin soft, supple, and hydrated. Additionally, you will get a natural blush on the apples of your cheeks that will be healthy and permanent.

Improves Overall Well Being

The benefits of a jump rope extend beyond the physical aspects. 10-minutes of jump rope is a terrific mood elevator. It can quickly pull you out of anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.  

The reason for this is due to a feel-good hormone called serotonin that is secreted within your brain. Regular physical activity like jumping rope can give you good quality sleep, increase mental sharpness, increase your productivity at work and leave you with a greater ability to cope with stress.

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