10 Kids Bike Accessories You Might Not Know You Need

So, you’ve bought the bike and are wondering what accessories you can get too. We’ve bought many accessories throughout the years, some of which we didn’t even know existed. 

From searching the web and our experiences, we’ve listed below our top ten kids bike accessory ideas. 

AccessoriesPrices From
Kids Bike Helmets$6.99
Kids Bells and Horns$1.91
Kids Bike Lights and Reflectors$2.15
Kids Bike Water Bottles$3.99
Kids Bike Number Plates$5.00
Kids Bike Bags and Baskets$6.79
Kids Bike Gloves and Pads$9.99
Kids Bike Training Wheels$17.00
Kids Bike Styling Accessories$3.00
Kids Bike Spokies$3.00
More Kids Bike Accessories$0.99

The range of accessories below has everything we can think of to make sure your child is ready for their cycling adventures. Please remember safety is paramount when your kid is learning to ride.  

Kids Bike Helmets 

No matter what age or what type of bike your kid enjoys riding, they must always wear a helmet! Getting them use to wearing a helmet from a young age will help influence the safety aspect as they get older.  

The range of helmets is vast. From hard shaped to in molds, standard design to skater style design. The choices really are endless.  

With top brands we trust such as Bell, Giro, Schwinn, DisneyRaskullz and Lixada. From cartoons to characters from movies, as well as plain and funky designs, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. All helmets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A key aspect for the helmet is making sure that size is correct before buying so that it can work correctly. We recently wrote an article about everything you need to know about choosing your kids helmet. Take a look at it here

Kids Bells and Horns 

Without these accessories all kids’ bikes including electric bikes can be almost silent. So, to alert others of your presence bells and horns are perfect. 

Top brands we trust are liooboMirrycle and Besportble. You’ll find a variety of sounds and designs. Kids can also get some bike bells with really cool designs.  

Like helmets the safety element is key again, but you can also get that design that’s just right for your little one. 

Kids Bike Lights and Reflectors 

One of the main hazards for any cyclist is visibility, or the lack of it. Although most kids will be out riding with parents when learning there will come a point when they want to explore this freedom without you.  

If the weather changes rapidly and visibility becomes poor, kids bike lights and reflectors are a great way to alert people you are there. 

You can get some bike lights with three LED’s and different light modes such as constant or flashing modes and some which have up to 80 hours run time. You can even get lights with USB power banks to charge mobile phones as you ride.  

Kids Bike Water Bottles 

No matter how far your kid is going for a ride its extremely important they stay hydrated. If they are out in the sun and without a water bottle on their bike you run the risk of them becoming dehydrated. 

Not only will the kids water bottles stop your child from becoming thirsty, but they also come in some pretty cool designs. Some have easy close lids which are perfect for using when on the move

Younger law enforcing kids can also get designs like Police Patrol. Ideal for when they are in the yard or out at the park with you chasing the baddies. Most come with a 600ml capacity and can be filled with juice or water. You can also pick up kids bike bottle holders if required.  

Kids Bike Number Plates 

Yep you read right, kids bike number plates! Having your own identity is important and this is a fantastic way to give your young child that edge to standing out with their own personalized number plate. Put their name on or even that of their favorite football player.  

It’s a great way to help identify your kids bike when they are out playing or if they are riding to school. The plate fits to most handlebars and comes in a range of colors.  

You can also get racing numbers for that motor cross styling. Some including realistic sponsorship decals too.  

Kids Bike Bags and Baskets 

Your kids can easily carry those essential items when they cycle with these brilliant kids bike baskets.  

They usually mount on the front of the bike ‘Dutch style’. You can also if required fit them to the rear rack of a bike making them suitable for most bike types. Most baskets are woven wicker baskets with straps to attach. 

You can also get bike bags that attach to the bike easily giving somewhere to store personal accessories such as phones, locks, pumps and keys

Kids Bike Gloves and Pads 

Protection for your child whilst they’re out riding is key. Gloves and pads are as essential as a helmet when a kid falls off a bike. A common area they hurt is their hands and knees, wearing knee pads and cycling gloves is the perfect way to help prevent those grazes

Not only are they designed to help protect your child, but you can also get cool designs like marvin and the money for those little toddlers. Made from soft fabric on the inside and a hard-plastic shell for comfort and protection

Top brands such as Kiddimoto design real stylish comfortable gloves. With padded palms these really do offer a level of protection in the event of a fall

Not only do the gloves protect you in case you fall but they also help give additional grip to the handlebars as they ride. 

Kids Bike Training Wheels 

Training wheels are a great accessory to help teach your kid to learn to ride their new bike. Learning to ride is a big accomplishment for any child and training wheels are an easy way to give them the balance they need. Helping to keep confidence high

They are simple to fit and can be adjusted as required and removed when not needed.  We wrote a whole article about training wheels and the benefits, as well as a installation step by step process. You can check it out here

You can even get training wheels with suspension and shock absorbers designed to keep your child stable as they hit any bumps in the road or sidewalk. 

Kids Bike Styling Accessories 

Let you kid create the bike of their dreams. From handlebar streamers to bike horns, windmills to doll carry seats. There’s something to help personalize their bike and put a huge smile on their face. 

If your kid loves to sparkle, the handlebar streamers are perfect. Easy to fit, they will jazz up your child’s bike instantly, making it the most stylish on the block. 

You can also get fun stickers for their bikes which are easy to apply. Give them to your kid and allow them to get creative customizing their bike. The high-vis stickers are not only stylish but also second as reflectors on your kid’s bike helping them to keep safe. 

Kids Bike Spokies 

One of the greatest things about owning your own bike as a kid is the ability to customize it, giving it that personal touch. Adding a bit of color to your wheels can do just that. 

Spokies are brilliant for this and can also help you identify your kids’ bike. As they cycle the different colors bling as the wheels spin. 

You can get them in various colors and even in different shapes such as heart shaped or star shaped spokies 

They fit neatly to the wheels and don’t cause any annoying rattling noises. They are a great cheap way to add some bling and flare to your kids’ bike. 

More Kids Bike Accessories You Might Need 

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